Who We Are


12 combines digital with real-life for a unique shopping experience.

12 brings next-gen shopping technology to retail stores. Our app gives consumers the ability to interact with products, retail stores, and social media on their mobile devices. 12 works with all retail stores and makes shopping easy and fun.

While shopping at your favorite retailer, 12 lets you:

  • Scan products with your mobile device to view merchandise in more detail.
  • Buy, hold, or have products shipped to you without waiting in line.
  • Share your purchase experience with your friends via social media.
  • Get special product offers with the in-store 12 advertising screen and virtual kiosk.
12 also gathers valuable customer and product information for retailers which helps retailers increase sales, strengthen customer loyalty, and offer additional products to their customers. 12 even provides a tax-free program in certain countries to make shopping easier for tourists and reduce tax-free processing and administration costs for retailers.

12 seamlessly makes the shopping experience more fun for all types of retail stores while increasing sales and exposure by integrating the application with the stores existing inventory and shopping cart platforms.




Unifying Shopping eXperience System
USXS is the solution to all retail problems in reaching consumers. It seamlessly links all available technology systems and generates a truly exciting shopping experience.


Special Offers Right now, Available!
SORA is a stand-alone promotion system that will increase sales by enables retailers to inform consumers about special offers and events.


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Executive Officers and Board of Directors

Angelo Ponzetta

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Angelo was born in Italy, and raised in Switzerland. He has degrees in Engineering, Organizational Management and Business Administration. Angelo has worked for approximately 10 years from 1982 to 1992 doing programming and...
Daniele Monteverde

Chief Financial Officer

With a doctor degree in engineering and business administration, Daniele Monteverde brings to the company a long career in management and 30+ years of experience in Japan and international markets...

Management Team

Mamoru Wakimoto

Marketing Manager

Mamoru has 8 years of consulting experience in the field of Information Technology systems. He graduated from Keio University, and is a certified consultant for SAP financial modules and SUN certif...
Shohei Murata

Technology Manager

Shohei has more than 8 years system design and programming experience. He has Bachelor Degree, in Applied Mathematics from the University of California. Shohei has worked and got his experience whi...
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